Saturday, January 9, 2010

Glue Food

Several years ago I forgot to put oranges into the toes of the boys Christmas stockings. They weren't 'upset', but I had clearly 'missed' a tradition that I didn't realize was a tradition. This has made me more intentional and aware of what we do as a family, as well as the food I serve while we do it.

It is easy to create traditions. At least, in my family it is. Anytime we repeat a menu or do the same thing in the same way at different times, we have the beginnings of a tradition. Some things fade and are forgotten, but others stick. And for us, those things that 'stick' are powerful and important. They become part of the glue that holds us together.

So, I am going to be sharing our 'glue food' recipes for you to chew on. Some will be shared because one of our grandmothers made them as part of their traditions, and some will be shared because they are a 'go to' recipes of our family. I'll letcha know.

Oh, these pictures are our new table and hutch, a Christmas present from my dear hubby! The table has 2 leaves and 2 more chairs, so all 8 of us can sit easily together.

I am dreaming of all the new memories that will be around this table, and treasuring all the old memories that have already been in this room. (And I am playing with the settings on my camera! We all had lessons over the Christmas!)

Oh, and BTW, there have been oranges ever since.

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  1. Love the new table! It is so YOU! Great pictures. I think I need to come for lessons next time you do them.

    Can't wait to see the table in person. It is PERFECT in your kitchen. And so unique. Good job!


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