Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Remember these fabrics? Well, this little top is actually in a quilt sandwich with some perfect matching red flannel that matches that red with white dot. Realistically, it will probably not be seen again until summer! I wonder who gets this one??

Work in progress, originally uploaded by myfullcolorlife - Vickie.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Piecing - Houses

Here are the next blocks in Sarah and Molly's Free Piecing Study that my sisters and I are doing together. I couldn't resist dipping into those sweet Sherbet Pips in the making of the houses for my sisters and me.  I love those little scooters and the dogs. 

Free Piecing Study

My quilt will have the green background. One of my sisters will have the gold background...

Free Piecing Study

....and the other will have the peach.

Free Piecing Study - House

These are such 'cheerful' blocks. And there are many more over on the flickr site.

Free Piecing Study

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Piecing Mondo Birds

My sisters and I found Sarah and Molly's Free Piecing Study over on flickr and decided to follow along together. The first block was the mondo bird. (Don't ask me!!!) Here is the one I made for myself.

Free Piecing Study
And for one of my sisters.

Free Piecing Study

And the other. (He is a fat little thing!)

Free Piecing Study

And here they all are together.

Free Piecing Study

These were actually kind of challenging, as our first attempts at free piecing. It is hard for me to waste fabric!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ta - Da !!!

I am delighted to share the final quilt in this yummy stack!

A Beautiful Stack of Binding Love

"Hexie Tiles" is actually the first one of the group that I made, originally blogged here. So, this quilt....

Hexagon Quilt Along

...became this one!! I squared it up and added a border.

Zig Zag Quilt for Ashley

The back is all one fabric, which is a nice contrast to the front.

Zig Zag Quilt for Ashley {back}

Don't you love how quilts look so cozy and crinkly after they are laundered??

Zig Zag Quilt for Ashley

I said I would never make another hexagon quilt, but it has been long enough that I have changed my mind. 

Ashley's Quilt close up

Yup. I am no longer saying "never"!! 

Ashley's Quilt close up

Ashley took these great photos for me on a cold weekend while we were visiting.

Ashley's Quilt backing

Then she took it outside on one of the first warm days this spring!

Hexie Tiles

D helped!


And what a cute helper he is!!


Hexie Tiles

Hexie Tiles

Here is Ashley with her quilt.

Hexie Tiles

I am so glad she likes it!

Hexie Tiles

D and his Daddy.


D and his Mommy.


I am crazy about these people! 


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blue Brick Path

This is the quilt I made for our newest daughter, Lynelle. A newlywed. Married to our son. Our family now feels complete.

Girl binding
It is part of the stack of 'girl' quilts I made. I already blogged about this one.

Lynelle's Block Quilt
The fabric is by Pillow and Maxfield and the pattern is my adaptation of Amy Butler's Lotus Brick Path.

Lynelle's Block Quilt backing

The backing is my favorite fabric in the grouping that I picked out.

Lynelle's Quilt backing
Isn't that a simple, yet gorgeous combination of two blues?

Lynelle's Quilt close up
Ashley (married to my oldest and mama to my grandson) took these close ups for me. I will be sharing the quilt I made for her in another post. {It is the last one in that beautiful stack of 'girl' quilts}

Lynelle's Quilt
She did a great job of capturing this quilt.

Lynelle's Quilt close up
It was so satisfying and almost calming to work with these blues and greens. Do you find certain colors affect you in different ways when you work with them?

Lynelle's Quilt close up
My other girl, Janice, wanted to make her quilt. I was tickled pink!! I don't know exactly how she feels about sewing, but it was rewarding to help her and watch her work on her quilt top. It will probably be summer before she can get back to finish it.

I have prayed for these daughters since my boys were little and God came through in a big way! Of course, He always does, if we just 'see' it!