Thursday, October 28, 2010

Owls everywhere!

I am really into owls right now. I made these fabric postcards for an exchange I signed up for late in the summer before school and musical rehearsals got into full swing and I was still in the blissful forgetfulness of what my life is like in the fall!! Fortunately, they were pretty easy to make.  

Fabric Postcard Fall Exchange

I enjoy applique and have a pattern program from Sue Spargo, which is where these little darlings came from. I enjoy her pictorial style. She also has a great blog, full of fun pics!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun little house swap.

I made these little blocks for a swap I am participating in. I love working with those little owls.

Cute little 'swap' house. :)

I'm not gonna lie....they look like outhouses!! :)

House swap

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Every Neighborhood needs a Park

For our Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee, Cindy wanted a "neighborhood" quilt. These blocks, all together, are really fun! I wanted to do something unique and fun, so decided to give her a park.

Block for Cindy (playswithneedles1)

This applique block was a blast to make!!! Here it is with Cindy's starter block.

Cindy's Block with Mine

The bird is my favorite!!!

Hello Birdie!

I love how these flowers turned out, too. Modern fabrics are so amazing!!!!

Fun Flowers for Cindy

Isn't this little neighborhood adorable????

QJRR Playswithneedles1 Cindy's neighborhood

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Something Found

Remember this blog where I talked about the great gift that came from Susan Brown just because her sister-in-law, Linda, happens to be a dear friend?
A Surprise Gift - The Binding Tool
Well, today I found Susan's website. Go to the notions section and check it out. It looks fun. And I am not kidding. I love this tool. It is a 'no-fail' help for joining those ends on your binding.

And yeah, if you like good blog reads, go visit my dear friend Linda at Music From My Heart.

Don't you just love friends?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

For Elizabeth of our QJRR Bee

Not trying to be funny, but these starlings are darling!! I love these little birds! :)

Block for Elizabeth

Here is my block with Elizabeth's...

QJRR Bee Block for Elizabeth

...and her complete little flock so far.

Eliabeth's blocks

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog, originally uploaded by myfullcolorlife - Vickie.
This little wall hanging was made for Deacon's 1st birthday. It was really fun. My sister-in-law was visiting from Oregon when I purchased the fabrics. We had such a good time. I used the pattern from this web site. {Couldn't 'get' the machine quilting. Need to take a class}. Now, my dear Mr. Deacon has Grammy V's love looking over him while he sleeps! Ahhh....does a heart good!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friends Here, Friends There, Friends Everywhere!

I love people! They are the best thing going. And it is so nice to know that they live everywhere...not just in my little corner of the world.

First, please take a minute and go visit a new friend, Joan at Caliquilter, and say "hi". She has a pretty sweet giveaway happening, too, if you like fabric. It is $50 that you can spend wherever you like. :)

And let me tell you, you can win a giveaway!! Look what I received from dear mamacjt!!! If you would like to visit her blog, it is colorful and yummy!!! Great eye-candy! Thanks, Carol!!!


Then I received this in the mail...just cause some of our best friends in the world are her family and shared my blog with her. This little baby takes away all my binder know...getting those ends to match up!!!!!!!! Get yourself one here!

A Surprise Gift - The Binding Tool