Friday, February 18, 2011

I almost didn't do this.

Start sewing, I mean.
For my sons
And now I have been invited to be a guest blogger over at Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure!


I am not a seasoned quilter, but I can't say I am a newbie anymore, although I still don't have a quilt of my own...yet. But that is a story for another day!
For my sons
I recently had an 'Ah-ha' moment. Something must have happened in junior high home ec class that held me back from even considering sewing. Something other than my teacher who always said, "Keep it down to a dull roar, girls".
For my sons
 I didn't want to have to use the dreaded seam ripper. Now that seems so funny. But once I fell in love with these new fabrics, I had to start sewing, seam ripper or not.
For my sons
Now look what has happened. I have had so much fun from such a wonderful hobby. And I have had the joy of making things for people I love. Why did I never consider that my sons might enjoy a quilt I made for them?
1st of 3 quilts for my sons
That quilt up there is the one T ended up with and this one is D's.
2nd of 3 quilts for my sons
Here is G's quilt.
3rd of 3 quilts for my sons
I didn't know which quilt would go to which boy, because I just wrapped them and put them under the tree with no names. They got 'pot luck'.

Isn't it amazing what can happen when we get past our fears, even if they are something as silly and small as a seam ripper!

Remember to head over to Stash Manicure to read about how these quilts even came to be!


  1. I agree, those fabrics by Anna Maria Horner are indeed beautiful. And you did a brilliant job (with or without the seam ripper). Just went over to stashmanicure to see what you had to say ;).
    PS: I love how you draped the quilts over those walls.

  2. Oh WOW! Fabulous quilts! I love your other projects too. The fabrics you use are gorgeous. I have a drawer of KF fabrics which one day I'll cut into, LOL... Elly

  3. Yay!!!! Congratulations on creating four F-O-U-R!!! BEAUTIFUL quilts! Your mother and sons have to be completely thrilled. :)
    Congratulations for being a guest blogger on Stash Manicure which is how I found you.
    Thanks a million for sharing your wonderful art!!!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  4. Hi Vickie! came from Stash Manicure, I discovered today yr blog, commented on yr post, you took the time to reply, and now I'm here. Have just became yr follower, and LOVING it. I became hooked on yr blog, from the very first minute. xoxo

  5. These three quilts are wonderful - the shapes, the colours and the fact that they are loved! I've made quilts for each of my four kids (and they'll probably get plenty more over time) and it's such a thrill each time I see one of them cuddled up on the sofa with their quilt wrapped around them. And the rich colours and the shapes in your quilts are just such a feast for the eyes!

  6. Wow, those quilts are stunning!!! Such great "boy" quilts. I gasped when I saw your photo of all three, and the last photo, they look like they should be in a book!

  7. Hi Vicky! You have made amazing quilts for your boys! They must be happy using them! Great colours and I love the square pattern!

  8. love these! amh is my fav and you really did a wonderful job with these.


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