Tuesday, February 1, 2011

*LOVE* and {Sew Bee It}

I sent Amy Butler "Love" fabric to my bee pals in The Sew Bee It bee over on flickr {along with some other fabrics}. I asked for flying geese and this gorgeous quilt is the result!

"Sew Bee It" Bee Quilt

It is the perfect size for covering up in a comfy chair.

"Sew Bee It" Bee Quilt close-up

My dear daughter, Ashley, took the photos for me. Go visit her brand new blog, especially if you are a foodie or a fan of PW!

"Sew Bee It" Bee Quilt - love those geese

I absolutely *LOVE* how this quilt turned out.

"Sew Bee It" Bee Quilt - more geese

Those quilters did a great job of giving me variety and charm so that I could, in turn, share with my dear mom-in-law.

"Sew Bee It" Bee Quilt - still more geese

And that backing fabric...sigh...

"Sew Bee It" Bee Quilt backing

....those flowers and that scrumptious periwinkle blue background...

"Sew Bee It" Bee Quilt backing close up

...really does my heart good, especially when everything is so white outside!

"Sew Bee It" Bee Quilt backing another close up


  1. What a lovely quilt you got there! The block with the flying geese in a circle especially "speaks" to me, although all the blocks are stunning. And the backing is indeed yummy.

  2. This is really pretty! It is so hard for me to judge if I like a line or not on the net! I wish I could run my fingers through them! I promised myself that I would spend more time for 'me' at quilt shops next time I am in the states! I'm always all for the kids and usually have more than just my two!! Not complaining! Congrats on this lovely quilt! Truly!

  3. Vickie, it's so pretty! How fun to see a "bee" quilt together and all finished up.

  4. What a stunning quilt!! And extra special because its made from blocks by bee friends.


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