Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bee Block Busy-ness Business

February is my month in "The Fussy Cut Love Bee". We run from the 15th to the 15th and I have been packaging up fabric. Since Valentine's Day is soon, I am calling my quilt "Starling Love" {really it is because I love this fabric}. Each member will get 2 packages.

Starling Love - February {The Fussy Cut Love Bee}

More fabric stacks ready to be packaged up.

Starling Love - February {The Fussy Cut Love Bee}

Most of the bees over on flickr take December off {thankfully!!!} so the following blocks have been done in January and February.

These blocks are going to be part of a Bento Box for "Sew Bee It". Messygoat sent precut fabrics that have been in her stash for a l-o-n-g time. It is going to be bold and wild. Can't wait to see how she cuts and re-assembles the blocks.

Bento Box for Messygoat - Sew Bee It

Also for "Sew Bee It" - MeredithQuilts asked for action words on an 8x11 background with a 2.5" border, making a finished 12x15 block.

Sew Bee It - MeredithQuilts

After I finished the "Hope" block, I saw that I was going to have enough fabric to do "Give" {the other word I chose}. I am not sure the"G" looks right, but it is what it is!  I didn't have enough fabric to finish the border.

"Give" progress for MeredithQuilts

These fun gifts came from Lisa - "A Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee". I received them for winning our Holiday game 4!! Thanks, Lisa!!

What a great gift!

For "The Fussy Cut Love Bee", J.Amundsen sent out precuts and I just sewed them together - easy peasy. I love the red and grey of this line!

For J.Amundsen


  1. Are you skipping school today? :)

  2. Hi there! These fabrics are to die for! haven't seen many of them! I love these bees you are in! i will keep track of them and who knows maybe I will join something like this one day!

  3. Hi Vickie, I love your Hope block! Gorgeous. I think the G looks good as I was able to read it without a problem. Didn't need to guess what it should say ;). I can't wait to see what your Bee friends will make will all the beautiful fabric. I would love to be in one of those "Bees", but it seems it's an awful lot of work? Love Vreni x

  4. I really love that hope block - a whole quilt of those is going to be fab


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