Monday, August 2, 2010

Pimento Cheese Spread

I remember going in to Grandma Wenger's home in the mornings on a summer day. She would often be listening to Kitchen Klatter on the radio (the forerunner to our food network on TV). When something struck her as interesting, she would write down a recipe they were sharing on any old scrap of paper she could find. I used to love looking through those scraps of paper. It was like a treasure hunt! :)

When I got married, one of the shower gifts she gave me was a copy of the Kitchen Klatter cookbook. I like almost everything I try from it. (I need to dig that book out again). We used to make this recipe from the cookbook and then use it to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Delicious. 

Pimento Cheese Spread 

1 lb American Cheese
⅓ c pimento
1½ T sugar
1 t salt
1½ T vinegar
½ c salad dressing

Grate cheese on coarse grater. Mash pimento and add to cheese with the rest of the ingredients. Add more salad dressing if necessary to make a nice spreading consistency.

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