Sunday, July 25, 2010

ADD or Hands-On Learner??

I am a "Bible Marker". I write on it, underline it, highlight it, date it. I put pictorial representations of thoughts, ideas and reminders that mean something to me, but nobody else. It helps keep my attention and reminds me what impressed me as I read.

I am also a "Tech Fan". I like the computer. It is fast (and colorful)!!! It keeps my attention and I love being able to follow the rabbit trails, quickly and efficiently. If I find a rabbit I like, I stay. If not, I'm outta there!

I love to read the Bible online. I can go to a completely different spot and follow my rabbit trail before I loose the scent. (ie: forget where I was going and what i was looking for) :) But I love to mark my bible!!! It keeps me engaged and helps me remember what I need to remember. (see "Bible Marker" above)

ESV online (which is a great translation) now has a new site. I signed up (free), chose a reading plan, and now can add notes, thoughts, impressions and prayers, as well as different colored highlights and fonts (did I mention all the different colors??). All my 'worlds' collide and I am happy!!!!!

Try it. You'll like it. (At least that is what my Grandma used to say about vegetables....and now that I am an adult, I pretty much like them all!!!)

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