Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wedding Gift

I got excited. I sent this quilt on to it's final home last year cause I was so excited to see it get to my niece and her husband. And it was late. Of course, I have heard the old adage that a wedding gift is not late if the couple receives it in the first year of their marriage. I think that saying was made up by a creative person who struggles with organization. It doesn't matter. I claimed it for this one. Anyway, I got Mrs. S to send me some more pictures of it.

Wedding Quilt

I love my longarm quilter. She does beautiful work. But I want to learn to 'do it myself'. We'll see how that goes.

Wedding Quilt

I just love this fabric. There is something so satisfying about blue. It makes me feel comfortable and happy. Kind of like driving under the vast Kansas sky on a bright summer afternoon. We are tootling down the highway, the ground is flat and there is nothing but sky in all directions (and of course all the other cars enjoying the view!). I love it!

Wedding Quilt

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