Monday, November 7, 2011

A total "Grammie" thing

Remember this post about this monkey...

Marvin the Monkey

...that was for this little guy???


Well, his daddy sent me the sweetest email, with the subject "Marvin". Feel free to read over my shoulder...

 "just got Deacon up from his nap.  He was curled up in a little ball on his tummy and smiled at me when I went in.  I scooped him up and Marvin the monkey came with him.  He had been cuddling with him.

Now Deacon and Marvin are watching Curious George.  Marvin gets a hug every couple minutes."

If you were here, you would see my heart melting all over the floor. I have told my kids I could take 10 or 12 more of these (grandkids). 

Trucks and Tractors

I think those numbers need to be higher. 


Oh, goodie. I love to hear from you!