Friday, November 4, 2011

My Sweet Girls!

I love my daughters! They were handpicked by some of my favorite people in the world, my sons. And I know ultimately they were picked by God. We had prayed for these lovely women since our sons were born...or approaching puberty!! LOL! But seriously, they are all a treasure to us!

Recently, the first son's wife and her cousin came to our little home and created a lovely dinner for ladies. They are cooking through the Pioneer Woman cookbook and call their little blog "Pioneer in a Year". It is a fun read. This picture if from the 5th installment of "The Sabetha Chronicles" on the meal at our home. Go check it out!

Our girl is on the right, but we claim her sweet cousin as family, too!! Thanks for a wonderful event, ladies, and for a fun blog!!


  1. What sweet girls! We are not quite yet at that stage where daughters or sons in law are welcomed into the family but I hope when it happens we'll be as lucky (or blessed) as you seem to be.

  2. Oh, Momma Vickie! What sweet words you had to say...they made me tear up, by the way. We girls are infinitely blessed to be Dad's and your daughters. - And, thanks for the blog shout-out. Love, love you!

  3. It was a fabulous evening! So enjoyed meeting Ashley's cousin! The food was scrumptous!


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