Sunday, October 2, 2011

Giveaway till Thursday and an Epic Fail!

Please post here to be a part of the fabric giveaway. There are 2.5 yards of gorgeous fabric on the line, folks! :) Now for the Epic Fail.

Earlier, I showed you this fun fabric.

My fabric choice - Quilting Book Club assignment

My Project Choice - Quilting Book Club assignment

But I didn't show you what happened next. 

Quilting Book Club trial

It is a cute triangle of fabric except for the epic fail with the last row.

Quilting Book Club trial

Come to find out, there is an error in the pattern (and with the operator - ha!). I have been in touch with Sarah, and she helped me out, but I put the fabric on hold until I can get some 'in person' help. It is too cute to forsake or mess up. :)

Have you had any 'epic fails'???


  1. Oh no! That's no good, is it? What can be done? Have you sewn a lot of the blocks together already? I must say, I think I would throw the whole thing out of the window if it would happen to me! Not very patient, you see ;). Good luck!

  2. Oh, no! What a shame. It was looking great before that last row. Glad you have worked out what to do. Good luck!

  3. Hi Vicki! That's awfull to find a problem just when you were ready to sew and I'm sure you were so eager to make a good progress with this quilt! Hope you get it fixed soon and can continue! It's going to be amazing quilt!
    xxx Teje


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