Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Remember these fabrics? Well, this little top is actually in a quilt sandwich with some perfect matching red flannel that matches that red with white dot. Realistically, it will probably not be seen again until summer! I wonder who gets this one??

Work in progress, originally uploaded by myfullcolorlife - Vickie.


  1. This looks like a boy's quilt. Could be for a big boy or a small one ;). Are you hand quilting it? It looks great. Hugs Vreni x

  2. Vickie, I LOVE it! Great choices that I would be too chicken to put together, but they look spectacular!

  3. Oh sweet! Definitely looks masculine! Gee, who COULD this be for!!??

  4. Hello Vickie! I love your new quilt top! How wonderful fabrigs - they look different and unique! I wish you sunny week! Teje


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