Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day WIP

Early morning snow day sustenance. I have already had my coffee, which is my early morning necessity! Isn't that teacup pretty?! It was a Christmas gift from my sis!

Early Morning Tea

Nothing like a good snow day to turn this...

Binding for 6 quilts

...into this.

Binding Scraps

Here is a sneak peak of the backs of the 5 quilts I finished yesterday (I had finished one early in the week).

Quilts to bind

They are all now nice and crinkly. I used the color catcher sheets when I washed them. Worked perfectly. It was late when they were done, so no pictures yet....lots of happiness, but no pictures.


  1. The sneak peak looks very inviting, Vickie. Snowing like crazy today here. The one positive of this snow has been the ability to create this week. Kind of nice, but I hope it doesn't become a habit!!!!

  2. You did five just yesterday?! Isn't it amazing how the color catchers work perfectly. They have never failed me.

  3. You are amazing! Then again, you have no kids at home! :)

  4. yay for progress!! i know you said you don't like doing binding but it really is one of my favorite steps!


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