Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daylight is better

All the photography buffs in my fam tell me I need natural light for a good pic, {and some more lessons...Gavin!} Well, they are obviously correct, but this was the beginning of a snow day...and I mean the very beginning! There wasn't much natural light at the moment and I had quilt bindings to sew. {see here} Plus, who wants to sleep away a good snow day? Anyway, I have had some interest in this early morning picture of my teacup.

My sister gave it to me for Christmas. She actually gave me two. The other one is green. I take turns using them. They came from Anthropologie. I know, because I went gaga over them right before she bought them for me for Christmas {which I totally and completely missed, because she is "The Queen of Sneak"}.

I absolutely love to drink coffee and tea out of beautiful cups, and this is a beautiful cup! {Can you smell green Moroccan Mint???}

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  1. This is indeed a very pretty cup! I got to go into Anthropologie this summer in St. Louis! Nice store!! For a lightbox, I use a huge piece of poster board folded in half and it works great for me now!


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