Monday, July 5, 2010

If feels good to say "It's done!"

I finished my Lantern Bloom Zig Zag quilt that I started with the Old Red Barn Quiltalong late last summer and I love it. The two things I was dreading - machine quilting and hand stitching the binding - ended up being fun and even relaxing!!!

I love these fabrics!!

Lantern Bloom Zig Zag Quilt Back

This is the first quilt I have done entirely 'by myself'!!! What fun!!


  1. I think my favorite part of quilting is hand stitching the binding. It is so relaxing.

  2. It is so beautiful. I love how you put all the colours together.

  3. Vickie ~ this is gorgeous! I love the fabric you put on the back. You should be very proud of yourself. This is a wonderful first quilt.



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