Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What am I doing?

I am staying with my son and his family while taking a class on teaching and assessing sight singing in the choral classroom, (Sound like fun?? It does to me, which is why I am here!!). But, before heading down there, my sweetheart did another triathlon. Here he is setting up his transition area. (I can't believe I even know what that means!!!)

Setting up for the Triathalon

Here's his group starting to move toward the lake for the start.

Getting ready to start the Triathalon

Now I am staying with this little guy, who is more interested in watching the early morning lawnmower than me.

Watching the lawn mower

They currently live in a town home, but their family is moving to a new home at the end of the week. His mom and dad are feeding me some pretty terrific meals. This contains some lovely mexican spice rubbed chicken from the charcoal rotisserie, fresh cilantro and guacamole delicious-ness, all in a flour tortilla!

Amazing Fresh Tacos from the southern Angell's

And I did cut out one set of my sashing strips for these blocks the morning of my first class. No time to do more until the class is over. This teacher is giving us homework!!! Doesn't he know it's summer??? ha!

Birds of Spring

And, my sister is actually the one who got me started on these birds. She is using it with some bright batiks to make a throw quilt for her MIL. I really like how these look, too!!!


What are you doing?


  1. I first thought you are doing a quilting class, but when reading it a second time I realized you are not ;(. But what a treat to stay with your son and his family, eh? Must be nice to have the little one "on tap". Enjoy your time there as well as your class (whatever it is). Hugs Vreni x

  2. how fun to be at your son's. I don't get the whole triathlon thing. How can someone exercise so much? My DIL just did her first one! She's so fit, after having 4 kids! I'm impressed!

  3. I love the quilt you are working on! Beautiful!

  4. Those birds are just too wonderful. :)


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