Saturday, July 11, 2009

Java Jungle

I decided to post these pictures first, because this great baby quilt is now gone! :) It was a baby gift for our nephew in Oregon and it went home with his grandparents after their recent visit over the 4th.

A creative young woman at the quilt shop I was at while visiting my son and daughter-in-law recently, helped me design this simple quilt. I fell in love with the
Java Jungle Jam panel and the Java Jungle Jumble that went with it. I placed them on the table and asked for help. The green, red and blue fabrics match the colors in the Java Jungle pieces I chose. The green looks like watercolor and the red has pronounced circles that reflect the circular chocolate brown background in the main panel. The blue has a watercolor circular look to pull it all together. I learned so much about playing off the qualities in your main peice from watching them pull these fabrics out. I then played around with the positioning of the stripes, but this is the one I liked best.

Here you can see the lime green minky fabric that we put on the back. The batting was simply a flannel style batting. I layered them, pinned them and then quilted them in the ditch. (There's my sister's Bernina 830--a great machine!)

After the quilting was completed, I attached the binding that I cut from the center part of the panel.

And here it is!! My husband says I need a new camera. He is right. He got this one for me several years ago to put in my purse, but it doesn't do the colors justice. I am going to learn how to use our big Canon Rebel that we got as a hand-me-down from our son when he upgraded. He is a graphic design major at Kansas University and you can find him at Angell Studios. He has been a student of art and photography since early in high school. It will be fun to learn to use a great camera!

What's totally fun, is that I have the other side of the original Java Jungle panel left to make another quilt. Now, how can I make it look competely different....? I love color!!
Joy to you!

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