Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Loving Color

Don't ya just love new beginnings?? I do. Well, here's to the new beginnings of working with fabric. And a new blog, just for fun.

I used to be a weaver. You know, with threads and a loom. But I traded my large loom in for a pool table when my three sons were at about the age where that would be fun to do with your buds. BP (Before Pool table) they ran their matchbook cars all over that loom. We sold it a few years ago and once in awhile I feel nostalgic about it. But truly, I don't miss it. Especially since I have discovered the amazing new fabrics out there.

So...how did I get to fabrics? A couple of Easters ago, my Aunt Erma was making graduation quilts for two of her granddaughters using this fabulous fabric by an artist named Amy Butler. I was captivated by the colors and patterns. This wasn't like any quilt making fabric I had ever seen before!

Thus began a fun journey with my two sisters, each of us making two lap quilts in an office in our dad's building. I used Amy's fabrics and gave them as gifts to my two daughters-in-law. (I will post pics when I get home).

Now, 2 summers later, I have now made several other items. It's the fabric I love. No. More specifically, it is the colors and patterns. As I look at the fabrics and handle them, I almost have a physical reaction to the colors and patterns. They are satisfying! Somewhere deep inside they help me fill that part of me that loves to create. What a joy to put them together. Just wait. I will show you soon. :)

Joy to you,

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  1. You are in for an amazing journey. I started my love of fabric and quilting 17 years ago and I have just touched the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to seeing all of your creativity.


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