Saturday, September 10, 2011

A perfect day (even with a bug in your tea)

The weather is fabulous. Our back deck is an amazing place to sit, especially now, with the lovely temperatures we have been enjoying. The water is singing in our gurgling pot. The hummingbirds are giving us quite a show at the feeder. Did you know hummingbirds make sounds other than their wings humming?? For some reason I didn't remember that. Back to the perfect day. I got to sleep in...longer than I remember doing in a long, long time. My husband then made an amazing brunch and lattes, which we ate out on the back deck. I can hear the cicadas calling for fall and a woodpecker working off in the distance. There is virtually no wind, which is a miracle for Kansas!

And I finally got to sew last night!!!!!

That was wonderful enough, but I also have 100 followers on my little blog! 100!! Wow. I cannot even tell you how fun that is for me.

Now, I have known this little tidbit of news for awhile...and it needs to be celebrated!! So....there is going to be a giveaway!! I want it to be fun. Got any ideas??? I have some, but I would so love to hear yours, as well. What would be fun for you?

OK. Here's what I did last night:

BUBK bee block for Debbie
Debbie, from our Bee Unique...Bee Knotty flickr bee, sent the lovely grey fabric and asked for a wild prints to make a star for her. This was the first block made on my new machine. Boy, did I ever use the seam ripper a ton!!! Don't know if it was the new machine or the fact that I have not sewn for longer than I care to admit! Do not want to repeat that (the high use of the seam ripper AND the long absence from 'really' sewing)!!!!

BUBK bee block for Nancy
I chose to do a window pane block for Nancy for her month, also in the BUBK bee. If you click over to the pattern and decide to make one for yourself, be sure to check out the measurement on that bottom center piece. It is an inch too short (*see "seam ripper" above). I do not have a lot of Christmas fabric, and this pattern worked really well. She sent the red snowflake fabric. (You can see the open pattern of our dining table on the back deck with the sun coming through it.)

My fabric choice - Quilting Book Club assignment
These are fabrics from Sarah Fielke's "From Little Things" line. They are part of an assignment from "The Quilting Book Club". We are often studying others to find out their likes in order to make something they love. Well, our task this time was to pick out a published pattern that we 'love', gather fabrics that are 'utterly us' and have it done in 6 weeks time. These are the fabrics I chose. I have 'accepted the fact' that I love all things that are sophisticatedly pictorial (not 'cute-sy' or sweet), geometric and full of color. I so want to be a 'grown up' in my quilting tastes. I enjoy, appreciate and purchase all different kinds of fabrics. But these are 'me', and that was the assignment. I love these representative birds and foliage and the variety of colors they come in. Although, I am not 'utterly' in love with the color range (I would be if they were jewel tones), they are still completely fabulous!

My Project Choice - Quilting Book Club assignment
My Project Choice - Quilting Book Club assignment: Being a pictorial and geometric fan, when you throw in 'whimsy' and fabulous color, I am a happy girl. These trees are wonderful!

This project is going to be incredibly ambitious to get done in 6 weeks. I probably won't. Especially with evening musical rehearsals. But it is what I want to do. It is published online with the Lecien company and is free.

Now, back to my perfect day. I think I will take a nap. Then sew. Ah.....


  1. That block is on my list to do! And great to do it in Sarah's fabrics!

  2. Congratulations dear Vickie!!!
    I love the first block with the star and fabrics are just fantastic! Those fabrics with like painted circles are just adorable!
    xxx Teje

  3. Both of these blocks are fantastic! Hope you get more sewing time and achieve your finish is six weeks!


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