Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bucket Hat Fun!

I saw this adorable hat in a blog I frequent and wanted one for my little guy!! I *heart* this fabric!!

Bucket Hat

So I bought this Bucket Hat pattern and made it for the little man. He was between two measurements, so I went with the bigger one. Isn't that tiny gingham adorable?


I have to learn how to adjust patterns!! It is a bit too big. Boo! Oh well, he will grow into it and it was really fun to make! Doncha know, it is all good!! (Did you hear the MinnesOta twang in the 'doncha know'? A couple of my choir girls spent a week at a camp in MinnesOta and were 'doncha know'ing us all through choir retreat. It stuck!)

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  1. How cute is this hat. The little man will grow into it in no time. But you lost me with the Minnesota "speak"? I've heard that they have a pronounced accent. Have a great weekend. Vreni x


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