Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missing my Mojo

Missing my Mojo by myfullcolorlife - Vickie
Missing my Mojo, a photo by myfullcolorlife - Vickie on Flickr.

I have the pink/red border added and then was going to trim all blocks to 14", but I kept making silly mistakes. I did not cut myself and I did not cut any of the blocks, but that rotary cutter kept slipping or I cut them the wrong width. So, after my third major error, my sister made me quite and wait until later. Whew! I am glad she did!!

Do you ever run into problems like this?


  1. hehe oh, yes. Those are gorgeous blocks, btw.

  2. It's it interesting, that seldom do these mistakes happen once, or even twice but often three times? It often happens to me too. I don't know why. Best advise your sister could have given and good for you to listen to her. You'll be soon back in the quilting saddle, not to worry ;). Hugs Vreni x

  3. I always know i'm too tired to sew by how many mistakes i'm making. Sometimes if I keep going it takes longer to fix the mistakes then it would have been to just walk away and finish later.

  4. YES! And it seems to be when I'm tired or in a hurry. It's good that your sister was there to make you stop and wait. It will go better next try!

  5. yes i do! Whatever the problem- let it happen a couple of times & I get the message & quit for awhile! Sometimes all it takes is a little cookie break or email-checking break. Glad you didn't cut yourself since the cutters are SO sharp!


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