Saturday, May 7, 2011

Am I bird obsessed and should I be worried?

We came to visit my dear Mom-in-law today and I brought my three most current projects with me. I realized, they all feature birds. I know I thoroughly enjoy watching them. I love the migratory geese and hummingbirds and when the robins return in the spring. I love hearing the cardinals sing, the jays fight and the pair of morning doves that live in our backyard.

I will just show you one of those projects, today. I have spent some time working out of this basket of Tula Pink's fabric...

Basket of Fun

....and using the fussy cut birds and eggs in nests to add pieced frames.

Bird's in a Fabric Nest

This is a very fun technique I learned from LuluBloom.

Bird's in a Fabric Nest

As a matter of fact, I flickr mailed her to see if she minded me posting about this, since I sort-of, totally, completely copied her idea.

Bird's in a Fabric Nest

It has been awhile since I worked on them....


But at the time, I was on a roll.


I love the warm/cool color combinations.


The colors are rich and vibrant.


Just what I love!


So, what is your current obsession?


(I will show you my 'other' birds later!)



  1. I really love these! The colors and the pieced frames are really stunning! I love the birds, too, especially bird's nests with eggs. For some reason, that is really appealing to me. I'm not sure I could call it an obsession. My obsession is with color - bright color!

  2. Maybe you should Tweet about these?

  3. They are so beautiful and vibrant.

  4. There could be worse things to be obsessed about, Vickie! Like, say, potato chips! haha

    I have to say that in the year I have been in bees with you, you have a distinct style that I recognize as you. I hope I said that correctly. Your fabrics are so wonderful and I think, so you! I love these blocks that you've shown in this post.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. They are beautiful!! I love the colors and I too am a bit obsessed with birds although it has not flowed over into my quilting....yet!

  6. Dear Vickie, all those blocks are amazing and that bird fabric is so unique and beautiful! I love all the colourness in your blocks! As you say you love birds, I was finding out from my 'notepaper' (when I see a great blog I write it down) this blog: I didn't have time to visit again yet, but I saw there really great bird made with scraps!
    Have a lovely sewing time! xxx Teje
    Ps. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my Mother's Day post!

  7. Love birds, love yr blocks & fabric choice! I used to wish that I have wings & could fly everywhere since I don't think I could ever afford to travel. Have a good week!

  8. Those are such great blocks and I am so looking forward to seeing the other birds as that quilt comes into itself!!!


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