Thursday, October 28, 2010

Owls everywhere!

I am really into owls right now. I made these fabric postcards for an exchange I signed up for late in the summer before school and musical rehearsals got into full swing and I was still in the blissful forgetfulness of what my life is like in the fall!! Fortunately, they were pretty easy to make.  

Fabric Postcard Fall Exchange

I enjoy applique and have a pattern program from Sue Spargo, which is where these little darlings came from. I enjoy her pictorial style. She also has a great blog, full of fun pics!


  1. I've admired Sue Spargo's work for quite a while already. Your owls are super cute. It looks like you've done it with raw edge appliqué? I'm sure your exchange partner will be delighted. Vreni x

  2. Do you know how totally into owls my daughter is? Katrina is owl crazy for some time now. You'll have to show her these when she comes over to shadow you.

  3. The owls are adorable! I love owls too & have made small 3D ones (pincushion ones) & they live in a big bottle, next to my sewing machine. Warm wishes from Tokyo!


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