Saturday, October 9, 2010

Every Neighborhood needs a Park

For our Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee, Cindy wanted a "neighborhood" quilt. These blocks, all together, are really fun! I wanted to do something unique and fun, so decided to give her a park.

Block for Cindy (playswithneedles1)

This applique block was a blast to make!!! Here it is with Cindy's starter block.

Cindy's Block with Mine

The bird is my favorite!!!

Hello Birdie!

I love how these flowers turned out, too. Modern fabrics are so amazing!!!!

Fun Flowers for Cindy

Isn't this little neighborhood adorable????

QJRR Playswithneedles1 Cindy's neighborhood


  1. Way cute! The bird is my favorite too.

  2. It's an awesome neighbourhood! I'm sure Cindy will be thrilled. Vreni x

  3. I love your cheerful and colourful work!! Will be checking for the finished results.

  4. These blocks are so adorable! I love houses & birds so they are all perfect. My daughter sews as well & she stitched houses & birds too.


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