Tuesday, April 20, 2010

D's Chocolate Love

I know I have already blogged about this quilt, but I wasn't happy with the pictures I had. So thanks to my kids for taking them for me. (Wish I could have been there to hold Deacon while you took them!! )

Those animals are adorable! Ashley says, "We've been using it as Deacon's play blanket. He's been fascinated by the colors several times as he touches and fingers the animals on the quilt". That makes this Grammy happy. (Is it weird that the rhyming phrase "Grammy Happy" gives me ideas for a choral warm-up for my classes?) 

I didn't have enough fabric to finish the back since I decided to make the quilt bigger than I had originally planned and this is pretty much all I had left. Mom came in while I was trying to decide how to place it, so Deacon's Great Grandma got to help 'design' his quilt, as well! 

And here is Deacon's beautiful mommy being her cute, playful self! I think they have fun at their house. Wish I could babysit so mommy and daddy could go out more. *wink*

Joy to you,

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  1. You're right...we do have fun at our house! It's because your son is my best friend. Works out really well. : )


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