Sunday, April 18, 2010

12.5 X 12.5 Inches of Fun

I had a blast today. Church rocked. Lunch was great, cause it was with friends. And I made a quilt block. One I have never made before. Of course, that isn't saying much. :D

While I was up at Dad's office building (where our sewing room is) my Mom came trucking in with Emerson (my great niece). K & J were visiting with Dad, so we girls had some fun bonding time! It was a nice break amidst the making of this block.

Why did I make this block??? I joined another Flickr Virtual Quilting Bee. This one is called "The Fussy Cut Love Bee". And these yummy fabrics came from Krista.

My favorite fussy cut is the short, squatty bird, but those greens are so satisfying.

I have to tell you, the first thing I did when I found out what kind of a block she wanted was to research what liberated meant!! LOL. It is pretty interesting! So when the fabric came, I had pretty much decided upon making the foundation of the block a wonky churn dash. Then the rest of the block just sort of built itself. This was surprisingly fun to make. Can't wait to see what Krista does with it! I am sure it will be beautiful!

I put my name, city, state and the date along one of the seams on the back. Even that was fun! :)

Now, both my Bees are done for the month. We have State Ensemble and Solo Contest this coming weekend, so that is a good thing. :)

Joy to you,


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