Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Day

You know the old saying, "Make hay while the sun shines". Well, I need to "make hay" while the snow falls. We have a snow day and looks like we will have another one tomorrow! So...as a start, I got the photos off of my old phone and found this! I will blog about it later, but it is at the quilter's along with this quilt. Can't wait to see them!!

So, as you may have noticed, I got a new phone. In fact, several of us got new phones this weekend. Two of my sons had iPhones with AT&T, but were unable to receive calls where they lived. Well...that isn't exactly true. They could get calls if their phone was at the correct angle, sitting in the correct spot in the correct corner of the room. And they couldn't pick it up, or they would loose the connection. It was nice for screening calls from mom, but that is another story. :)

So, with the switch for Alltel to Verizon, they had some sweet deals on phones. Plus, we all got on the same plan and put it in my name, since they have a discount for teachers. Who knew? And now, I can reach out and touch them no matter where they are! I am going to have to be careful not to abuse that privilege!

But I am excited about all the possibilities this new phone brings to my life. Of course, it has all the jazzy stuff that people don't really need, but then there are so many things that are really going to help me. I got an email at school reminding me about a meeting and I just put it in my calendar and this morning it is on the opening screen of my phone (since the meeting is tomorrow). However, it may be quite fun to delete it (you know...snow day)!

Creating music energizes me and it doesn't 'feel' like work. I often say, "don't tell people they pay me to do this". But the organizational details wear me out. Put that on top of being in two buildings and always wanting something, organizational wise, from the other building, this little phone could really be a great tool!!

Another big plus!! I can put my memory verses on them as well, instead of carrying notecards. :) That is going to be GREAT for me, because putting God's word into my mind is what saves my mind! Right now I am working on Psalm 16.

Joy to you!

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