Thursday, May 20, 2010

I changed my mind....again!!!

You know how your brain works better when you let it 'simmer' a bit? I have discovered, when working with my kids on a particularly difficult musical passage, that if we don't overwork it and then leave it till the next class, the singers become brilliant! I love how God made us!! :)

Well, when I went back to 'visit' my block for the Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee, I had some ideas twirling around up in my brain and I changed a few things. I am much happier (even though I still didn't have sunlight for my photo). As my sister would say, it is exactly the same, but different.

Oh, I also have my signature block. Everyone will sign over and around those cute owls that remind me so much of my Grandma W. :)

Joy to you,

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  1. Vickie, I love your owl fabric! It reminds me of the starling fabric Elizabeth is using for our round robin bee. I am looking forward to making something fun for you!


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